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Tired of emergency tenant phone calls in the early morning hours? Reluctant to drive an hour to your property and resolve that pesky water leak on a Sunday? What about finding quality renters to occupy your investment? At ClayVos Property Management Group, LLC, we provide a modern, efficient, and convenient option to maintain and maximize the value of your rental investment. We do the heavy lifting so that you don't have to.

Tenant Marketing & Screening

Renting a property involves a lot more than simply putting an ad in the newspaper. The property needs to be cleaned and optimized. Showings need to be scheduled during the week and weekend, rental applications need to be compliant with federal, state, and local housing laws, and background checks need to be performed. Other issues vary, but include the pros and cons of different policies such as accepting pets, allowing smoking, etc.

Rent Collection & Evictions

There are fewer things more hard hitting than vacancies, rent defaults, or tenant hold-overs. Also of significant concern are the strict legal rules required by most states, as well as the possibility of tenant retaliation in the form of property damage. We handle receiving rent, hunting down late payments, sending out pay or quit notices, and managing legal and law enforcement efforts to evict a tenant who refuses to pay rent.

Maintenance & Repair - 24/7

Establishing a preventative maintenance policy is key to mitigating risk and ensuring that your property is well taken care of. We perform scheduled periodic inspections (inside and out), provide a network of licensed, bonded, and fully insured contractors, and maintain a 24-hour emergency repair hot-line. We also handle all tasks necessary to ensure a smooth tenant move-out and can coordinate larger renovation and/or rehab projects.

Financial Services

We provide property management accounting services which include making payments on behalf of the owner (i.e. mortgage, insurance, home owner association (HOA) dues, etc.), keeping detailed documentation of all expenses and historical records in a readily accessible electronic format, and annual reporting. We also prepare cash-flow statements detailing income and itemized expenses and tax documents including a 1099 form.

Property management companies have lower eviction rates than owner-managed rental properties.

Our Mission

To provide efficient, convenient, and hassle-free property management services to residents of the District of Columbia and Maryland; our success is measured entirely by how well we are able to help our clients grow and prosper.

About us

Kito Bradford is the founder and owner of ClayVos Property Management Group, LLC. He has over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, possess a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the John’s Hopkins Carey School of Business, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland University College. Mr. Bradford is also a licensed real estate agent for the state of Maryland. He and his team of experts are well equipped to handle any and all of your property management needs.

Core Values

  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Opportunity

Kito M. Bradford, MBA

Let our team of professionals handle the heavy lifting so that you don't have to.


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